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Cancer can result in the need for a transfusion for a number of reasons including surgery, side effects of chemotherapy and as a result of cancer itself.

Blood cancers, such as le ...

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About blood

It’s an amazing journey that blood takes - from our generous volunteer donors to our processing centers to laboratories to the hospital ward and into your veins. There are many steps to make ...

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Having a transfusion

Find out what questions to ask your doctor about transfusion, what will happen on the day and what to expect afterward.


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Types of transfusion

Transfusions may be required if you are very low in key components of blood. There are many medical conditions or problems that can result in low or poorly functioning components in your blood. Who ...

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Avoid a transfusion

Sometimes the best transfusion is the one you don't get. Read more about the ways you can reduce your chance of needing a transfusion.


What can I do? ...

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Reasons for a transfusion

There are many medical conditions or problems that might require different types of transfusion such as red cells, platelets and plasma. Some of the reasons a transfusion might be required include ...

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